About Tabarak

Tabarak Metals Company is one of iron casting producers in Egypt to produce gray cast iron and ductile cast iron according to ISO Standards, German Standards (DIN), British Standards (BS), and Egyptian Standards (ES).

qualified stuff

Our factory is equipped with highly experienced and qualified staff and technicians. Patterns and cores are prepared within casting tolerances. Casting sands (mould sands, core sands) are under quality control related to castings. Medium frequency induction furnaces are used for melting to produce the required final chemical analysis of liquid metal.

metal testing

All stages of production are subjected to a quality control system using: Chemical analysis by vacuum spectrometer to obtain the correct chemical analysis; Microscope equipped with a high-resolution camera to record the structure of the metal; Mechanical tests are applied to all products by us or an external party; Fittings are subjected to a proof test.

iron foundry

At our factory workshop, the pattern and core making workshop operate according to our specific customers’ requirements. Wooden or aluminum males are fabricated for production according to the quantity required. Casting sand (moulding sand and core making sand) relating to specified sand and metal are produced by the induction furnace, which can control the chemical composition analysis and the required standards.

iron casting

Materials used in casting and finished products are tested using the chemical laboratory, metallographic and mechanical laboratory. Pressure tests and product coating are applied according to customers’ specific requirements. Tabarak Metals Company is certified from the Egyptian Government and products are granted permission to be used in National Projects.

Our Factory Facilities

melting area

Melting Area:

Our factory contains two medium induction furnaces with a capacity of 2 ton/hr each.

chemical laboratory

Our Laboratory:

A vacuum spectrometer ensures the correct chemical composition of the product.

quality control

Quality Control:

Quality Control is essential to manufacture of sound castings at our casting plant

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