Tabarak Factory

Melting Area:

Our factory contains two medium induction furnaces with a capacity of 2 ton/hr each. We use induction furnaces for the melting of relatively easy metal (classified steel scrap) to adjust the metal composition and the suitable temperature for the production of thin casting and pipe fitting in all dimensions (from 65mm to I 400mm). Magnesium treatment for sherardization of graphite takes place by tundish cover: For the production of sound casting, tea pot ladle is used for treatment, and pouring using this ladle we can produce slag-free casting. We also have crucible for melting aluminum alloy for the manufacture of the pattern and core box. Our plant employs high-technology for the production of all grades of ductile cast iron. Adjustment of chemical composition is achieved using a weighing system for additives and also we use a weighing system in an overhead traveling crane to determine the quantity of molten metal. Thermo-couple is used for temperature adjustment in the furnaces and during pouring in the mould.

Big Casting Moulding Line:

Because the production of water pipe-lines needs different lengths of fitting, and the manufacture of patterns for all different lengths is not according to standard, making the patterns and core boxes need high investment. For this reason we use the template method. The template process is the cheapest method for casting using cement sand with good specification. The mould and core production uses dressing material for coating to option good surface finish, before the assembly of the mould cavity and position of the core. This template method depends on labor experience and quality control for every step during assembly and pouring.

Green Sand Moulding Line:

The moulding of green sand is utilized for the production of small castings with average weight up to 300 kg. The sand mixture contains coal dust to improve surface finish and prevent casting defects such as burning on.

Machine Shop:

The machine shop is equipped with all the conventional equipment and drill machines, all prepared for the production of a wide range of fittings.

Pattern Shop:

The casting plant employs highly-qualified staff for the manufacture of patterns and core boxes from wood and aluminum alloys.

Quality Control:

Quality Control is essential to manufacture of sound castings at our casting plant It is imposed at every stage of production, from checking of raw material to final inspection of the finished casting. Molten metal temperature is continuously monitored during melting and pouring phase. Pressure test is perfomed to every casting coming from the foundry. Continuous on line visual and measurement
checks are made.

Chemical Laboratory:

A vacuum spectrometer ensures the correct chemical composition of the product.

Metallographic Laboratory:

A microscope equipped with camera and accessories enables us to record the microstructure and assure the high quality of the materials used in our products.

Who We Are

Tabarak Metals Company is one of iron casting producers in Egypt to produce gray cast
iron and ductile cast iron according to ISO Standards